What Are the Different Types of Performing Arts?


Arts is a talent in individuals that involves depicting one’s emotions through facial expressions, body language, tone and voice. They’re usually presented in front of a live audience to feel the effects and the aura of the art. There are various forms of performing arts like dance, music; acting, circus and many more and each one of them have their own music and style. Let’s learn about them in-depth in this article.

Theater and drama

It is one of the growing fields in today’s world, where theatre artists expertise in their acting skills and facial expressions. Most theatres are elevated stages that contain space for a live audience as well. Theatre and drama is associated with other forms of art, like music and dance as well. The theatrical drama involves enacting pre-written script or stories from original or literary works. The communication happens through words, music, dance and sometimes even silent gestures.


Although the art form is quite popular, it is still an underrated one in many countries. It is a dance form that incites the impersonation of a character through facial expressions, in motion as well as body movements. Actors are required to have empathic skills to convey the emotions to the audience in a convincing manner.



It is one form of art that never gets old. Singling is a form of performing art that has been around for ages. Singing alone has many genres like hip hop, tap, jazz, classical and many more that allows the performers to perform on stage formally or even pursue it as a hobby. One of the main essences of this form of performing art is the use of emotions and the modulation of voice to reach out to the people


Again, like music, dance is another form of art that has only evolved over the years. It is a form of expression through body movements and facial expressions. The idea of dance as art has evolved over the years, introducing the world to new dance forms that is soothing and entertaining to the eyes. Dance is often accompanied by music and generally cannot be done without music.

Magic and circus

Both are closely related and considered to be a significant art form. They’re generally conducted in front of live audiences who are present in a closed room to witness the greatness of these arts. Both these art forms consist typically of one or more people, dressed up in the most relevant and entertaining costumes to gather the crowd’s attention.

Performing Arts


It is a form of performance that involves live performance which depicts intense emotions and forms a strong connection between the body and soul. It is popular In the Western classical culture and musical tradition and incorporates a lot of elements like acting, costumes, scenery and sometimes, even dance. It is usually performed in front of a live audience in an opera house, accompanied by an orchestra. The art form originated in the 16th century, but sadly is seeing a decline over the years.

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